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The only choice for Texas’ best commercial and residential builders Modern Method Gunite, Inc. is proud to have completed more than 30 years of service.

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MMG maintains the highest quality of workmanship, reliability and durability; with the highest customer satisfaction in the United States.

We are the Gunite Professionals

Modern Method Gunite is the contractor of choice for high profile, time sensitive gunite projects. We have the expertise and resources to ensure that projects are completed as designed, on time and on budget.

Durable, Smooth Pool Finishes

With an extensive spectrum of water color and pool finish color options, choices for both residential and commercial applications are many and exciting.

MMG's Ultimate Boulder Creations

Because these realistic reinforced concrete Boulder Creations are custom made, we have the flexibility to tailor them to your exact need and specification for a more aesthetically pleasing, custom made project.

Gunite Pool Contractor Modern Method Gunite, Inc.

Specializing in Gunite Pools, Pebble Tec® Pool Finishes, and Boulder Creations

MMG serves as one of the best sub-contractor commercial and residential pool construction companies in the Southwest.

Modern Method Gunite is your first choice for Gunite Pool Services and Pebble Tec® pool finishes. We are an established family owned and operated company with an experienced staff and a relentless dedication to product and service quality. Our passion for exceptional customer service and innovation has earned us the reputation as best and most successful company in the southwest.

Swimming pool construction is our primary business. We operate three divisions: Gunite Services, Pebble Tec® Pool Finishes and Boulder Creations. Our trained and experienced crews are contracted by the most discerning pool builders in the Southwest. In addition to swimming pool construction, MMG is the premier provider for any gunite application, commercial or residential.

MMG uses only top quality materials, the most effective technology and the most experience of certified professionals. We stand behind or work. With a continuously growing staff of well-trained employees, MMG is blessed to have over 200 commercial and residential clients, and averages over 7,000 projects a year!

The first choice for Texas’ best commercial and residential builders is Modern Method Gunite, Inc.

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Pebble Brilliance™

A blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color.    

20 Great Reasons to Have a Backyard Pool

If you’re debating installing a backyard pool, consider these 20 top reasons why you might want go ahead and take the plunge!

Plaster vs. Pebble Tec

If you’re considering resurfacing your pool or building a new pool in your backyard, one of the biggest decisions is what product to use for the interior surface. This article discusses the two most popular types of pool surfaces, plaster and Pebble Tec®.

What is Gunite and Shotcrete?

Anyone that works with Gunite gets used to the question “What is Gunite?” because we hear it every few days. In many cases the person that asks the question is more puzzled after hearing the answer. It’s so unique and different that it’s difficult to give a short and clear explanation.

MMG Customer On-Boarding

Modern Method Gunite is currently working on on-boarding our existing customers to better serve you. In order to successfully on-board, we sincerely ask for your help in filling out the information in our survey.

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