The Only Choice for Houston's Best Pool Builders
The Only Choice for Houston's Best Pool Builders Modern Method Gunite, Inc. is proud to have completed more than 30 years of service as one of the best sub-contracted commercial and residential pool construction companies in the Southwest. We strongly feel that the Gunite, Plaster, and Boulder Creations remain a cut above the rest. Our qualified, cross trained staff, includes: officially licensed nozzlemen and applicators, top notch finishers, experienced foreman and our modern fleet of machinery; furthermore, our staff gives Modern Method Gunite its competitive advantage. We have the expertise and resources to ensure that projects are completed as designed, on time and on budget and in an ethical manner.

Providing superior quality workmanship is one of Modern Method Gunite's main strengths. Modern Method continually manages processes to ensure the most effective, efficient, and reliable results for its customers.


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MMG Commercial Gunite & Plaster
Our commercial applications use our more than thirty years of service to partner up with your business to offer high quality, engineered specified, projects on time and within budget. Please click to find out more about the MMG Commercial Gunite & Plaster services.

MMG Commercial European
Commercial Gunite Applications

MMG and Pebble Technology new product line for Summer 2016!!

Pebble Brilliance is a blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate that delivers a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant watercolor. MMG and Pebble Technology currently offer Pebble Brilliance in 8 Color options: Majestic Sound, Sparkling Water, Deep Cove, Clearwater, Crystal Harbor, Aqua Falls, Vivid Shores, and Glazier Bay.

MMG and Pebble Technology Present Blue Surf Pebble Sheen

Blue Surf is a vibrant blue finish with earthy brown and white pebbles. This finish produces a medium blue watercolor.



gunite division
The most durable of all the pool categories.

Pebble Tec
Boulder Creations
Boulder Creations
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