MMG Customer On-Boarding

Modern Method Gunite is currently working on on-boarding our existing customers to better serve you. In order to successfully on-board, we sincerely ask for your help in filling out the information below.

What is on-boarding a customer?
It is simply setting operating standards to meet each individual customer need. The purpose of on-boarding is for the customer to reduce redundancies, increase easy of interaction with MMG which intern increases the efficiency for both MMG and the customer thus saving time and money. The purpose for on-boarding from a MMG perspective has the same advantages as above but also allows us to reduce mistakes and it makes the customer feel unique.

On-Boarding by Department
Each department has similar and unique approaches on how to on-board. Everyone needs to know who the contact is and what that preferred method of contact, as in email, fax, or phone, for that individual; however, Accounts Payable may have a different contact person and preferred method of contact then say Gunite Scheduling.

Please click the button below to download our On-Boarding questionnaire. We ask that you fill out, scan, and email the file to at your convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!


Marketing Manager