Boulder Creations

Creating reinforced textured concrete faux boulders that look authentic is an art form that Modern Method Gunite artisans have perfected.

Creativity is Unlimited

The faux boulder creations skills by Modern Method offer unparalleled opportunity for creativity, design, safety, and durability.

Better Than Nature

There are a number of problems with using natural boulders that are resolved by our process.

Faux Boulders

Faux Boulders tailored by MMG artisans to your exact need and specification

Authentic-looking faux boulders are a true art form perfected by Modern Method Gunite. Through Boulder Creations, we are able to add custom made waterfalls complete with slide and grotto, weeping walls, accent boulders, boulder coping and boulder decking, to name a few. These Boulder Creations allow for a more aesthetically pleasing, custom made pool and have the added bonus of soothing sounds of water falling. Because these Boulders Creations are custom made, we have the flexibility to tailor them to your exact need and specification. With proper care these Boulder Creations will be able to last the lifetime of your pool because they are made with steel reinforcements and textured concrete.

MMG retains the most experienced personnel. Faux boulder work requires experience and artistry in order to achieve results that are truly life like. Furthermore, all of our faux boulder creation products appear to be life like because they are molded from actual natural boulders, with more strength and support.

Price and dimensions vary as the entire process is custom made.

Let's Build Something Together