Mr. Sanchez

A Service Company
Modern Method Gunite is an industry-leading gunite service company with headquarters, offices and operations located in Houston, Texas. MMG is one of the largest gunite and Pebble Tec® application companies in the United States. We operate four divisions which service the swimming pool construction and related industries. These are the Gunite Division, Plaster Services Division, Boulder Creations Division and our Tile Cleaning Division. MMG operates as a subcontractor for these services to professional and licensed pool construction companies. Beginning in 2011, MMG now offers remodeling and resurfacing services direct. Above all, we pride ourselves on these four things:

  1. We respect our pool construction customers and do our utmost to make them successful.

  2. We strive to keep the best employees, to develop their skills as artisans and to maintain a family culture within the company.

  3. We are proud to be the very best at what we do and to do our best for our customers.

  4. We take pride in designing, building, painting and maintaining our trucks and equipment.

Modern Method Gunite aerial view

Aerial View of Brownie Campbell Road Operations  (photo courtesy Strong Industries)

Our Mission
Modern Method Gunite strives to provide our customers and employees with quality service, workmanship, support and integrity in everything we do.

In 1981, as a crew member Cesareo Sanchez moved from California when Modern Method Gunite, Inc. was founded in Houston, TX. The company consisted of two crews with twelve employees. In 1984 he formed a division of MMG in Boston to overcome the economy in Houston. In 1989 Cesareo Sanchez became the primary owner of Modern Method Gunite, Inc. In 1990 Boulder Creations was implemented.

In 2003, MMG became an official licensed applicator of Pebble Technology®. In 2008, Bead Blast was added. In 2010, MMG became the largest Pebble Tec applicator in the US. We were operating seven Gunite Crews, four Boulder Crews, four Pebble Tec Crews, two Bead Blast – Tile Cleaning Crews and had over 170 employees.

In 2009 Modern Method Gunite, Inc. has its first official website!

In 2011, MMG Remodeling and Restoration provides additional services direct to the public. These include Rehabilitation or Remodel on: Plaster Services, Boulder Services, Gunite Services, and our Bead Blast, Tile Cleaning Services. For more information please visit our second website MMG Pool Remodeling and Restoration.

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